Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time Flies

28th June 2010 was the first time I met my new roomate, Wani. I saw her in the hall, talking to her "brothers". She was so talkative and hingaq. From her accent, I know she's Utarian. I heard she told her two "brothers" about rumah sewa. Then I approached her, asking name and where's she from and changing phone numbers. Luckily, we were in the same room during orientation. I can feel the chemistry between us. hahaha. perasan pls!

28th June 2011 marks a year relationship and friendship between me and Paeh. I couldn't remember how we met each other but as far as I remember, we talked to each other on the stage during e-registration for room during orientation and for matric card. Sorry Paeh, I can't remember that but anyhow, u're always in my heart. Paeh was our neighbour next door in college. I still remember on our 1st night in campus, I and Wani were called on stage. We don't know why and we were quite nervous. While on stage, Paeh texted me, asking why we were called and why she was left behind. I replied to her saying that it's about rental house. She told me that she wanted to be with us, then I said it's okay.

28th June 2010 was the first time I met Chan. At first, I thought she's Malay, the free-hair type. haha. I was wrong. She's Chindian. She looks so pendiam and a bit sombong at first. I'm not really close to her until we live together in the same house. That's how it started. All my assumption and presumption towards her has changed.

Three of us stick together from the 1st day of orientation until the very last time after we finished our Induction Course. Chan came later because at first, she was quite anti-sociat type of person in which she sleeps early, hardly join us for dinner and so on. Four of us already have our nickname or groupname, which is VV, stands for Voluptuous Villagers. hahaha. Funny is it? That's because we always acted "jakunly" in public. We talk loud, we laugh out loud. That's how we were and are.

p/s: This post macam tak ada kesinambungan because I write what's in my mind and what's in my heart. Ignore Grammatical and spelling error.


With beloved Lecturer, Mr. Ruban

Voluptuous Villagers a.k.a The Fantastic Four


wanieybintang said...

uit. aku da folo hang. bila nak folo aku plak nih???

cikmunaafro said...

dah folo. hehehe

miss E said...

ya ya. im the one that people hard to remember. tsk tsk

cikmunaafro said...

who said so? i still remember how u treated me when i went to ur room one fine evening. u just inore me. sobsssss sobsss