Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Himpunan Kisah Seribu Satu Macam

Assalamualaikum and hello there world! How are you?

AMARAN: Entri ini mungkin mengandungi cerita yang bakal membuatkan anda muntah hijau patploh kali. So, bear that in mind.

Lotsa things happen during October and November. Good and bad news, good and bad things, life changing and challenging. Too many good news and few bad news that made me realizes that we can only plan but Allah will determine everything. We can only pray that everything will go smoothly. Well, I should stop babbling and rambling.

October - Month of good news for me. We (KPLIans) get posted on 20th October 2011. I were posted to my hometown and lucky me, I got SJKC Pei Hwa. It takes me around 5-10 minutes to reach school. (FYI, I walk to school everyday). I couldn't remember other good news as I was and still excited about my posting news. Allah has answers our prayers. It was the end of our waiting period to get posted and the beginning of waiting period to get paid.

November - Series of not-so-good-news for me. My sister in law miscarried her 5 months baby boy. The baby terbelit tali pusat twice. That was a sad and shocking news for our family. She's already in her 5 months pregnancy and suddenly he's gone. However, according to the doctor, the baby will suffer if he were alive as he only weighed 500 grams when he was born. My brother and her wife named their boy as Muhammad bin Muhammad Wafi.

This is the month i started teaching seriously. I mean, I really have to teach the kids, no more relieving the class as usual. First time knowing that I'll be teaching 2 classes for school holiday tuition, i was panicked and nervous. I got the 2nd last class for year 4 and the last class for year 5. I have finished all classes with them on the first week of school holiday. Teaching them made me realizes that I should be extra alert and give extra attention to those who can't read and write. I have to be sensitive with my pupils and downgrade my level to make sure they can get what I try to teach them. I have to be more patient when dealing with "special" pupils.

Well, I guess these two months have taught me many things. I just need to be more patient in order to adapt and adopt with new working environment. I'm no longer a student but a teacher to my future students.

Maka dengan ini saya akhiri entri ini dengan sedikit sebanyak ayat dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan. Bulan November sebenaqnya banyak ja menda best jadik. Korban lemak, korban duit, korban masa buat menda takdak faedah(memang suka sangat ni). Along ngan Angah balik raya Kedah taun ni, sebab depa buat korban. Yang paling syiok, raya ke-2 buat kenduri. Ramai woh kawan-kawan mai rumah. Lama dah xbuat reunion macam tu.

notakaki: harap-harap gaji masuk bulan doblas ni. kalo x, memang dintis abes la ni. pastu kan, harap-harap gaji tuisyen masa cuti tu pon masuk segera. sekian wassalamu.

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